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Essentials®  — 16GB DDR3 SODIMM PC3L-14900 13-13-13-32 Essentials (MES3S186DM16G28)

Compatible Timings
This product is programmed to use timings that offer maximum compatibility with your system and original memory.

Compatible Frequency
This product is engineered to operate at the optimum frequency for compatibility with your system.

Lifetime Warranty
Quality guaranteed - we offer a lifetime warranty on this product and genuine, unmatched service and support.


Voltage: 1.35V
Speed Spec: PC3L-14900
Frequency: 1866MHz

Kit Type: Single
Module Size: 16GB 

tCL: 13
tRCD: 13
tRP: 13
tRAS: 32
Cooling Technology
Heatsink: None

Memory Module Installation

The installation of memory modules is a quick and easy process. No matter the type of your memory or computer, this installation guide will help you get your new Mushkin Enhanced memory up and running.

Step 1: Shut down your computer. Locate the memory expansion slots on your motherboard.

Step 2: Touch your computer's power supply to ground yourself. Make sure the power supply is still connected to the wall outlet.

Step 3: Push open the retainer clips (as illustrated in Image 3).

Step 4: Memory modules fit one way only; align the notch in the memory module's gold pins with the notch in the memory installation slot. Push firmly on the top of the module until it is properly seated. The retainer clips will ease into the notches at either horizontal edge of the modules.

Step 5: Installation complete! Your computer is now Mushkin Enhanced.