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Callisto Deluxe 180GB

Callisto Deluxe®  — 180GB  Solid State Drive - MKNSSDCL180GB - DX Callisto Deluxe

34nm Flash Memory
This product utilizes 34nm Flash Memory, maximizing endurance and drive capacity.
Optimal Data Flow
Optimized for dependable and reliable data flow
SandForce Driven™
Approved by the elite SandForce Driven™ quality program
Designed for continued reliable function
TRIM Support
TRIM Support when used with compatible operating system
3 Year Warranty
Quality guaranteed - we offer a 3 year limited warranty on this product.
Extreme Performance
Unparalleled speeds to save time and money while transferring content rich data.
Capacity: 180GB
Dimensions: 99.88mm x 69.63mm x 9.50mm
Temp. Range: 0-70ºC
Read Speed: up to 285MB/sec
Write Speed: up to 275MB/sec
Shock Tolerance: 1500G
Vibration: 20G Peak, 10-20kHz, 3 axis
MTBF: 2,000,000 hours
Controller: SandForce SF-1200
Interface Type: SATA II (3Gb/s)
Warranty: 3 years limited
IOPS: 50,000


This drive is equipped with 34nm Flash memory.

Rated max read and write speeds are obtained 
using ATTO 2.46 at queue depth 10

Download the latest firmware HERE to ensure top performance and drive reliability.



" Low price and high capacity result in an SSD that is interesting for users that need to manage around a tight budget." 

Said W1zzard at

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"We are very excited to see Mushkin continuing to develop their SSD products. Mushkin has been able to be competitive on pricing and was even the first to launch new drives in extended capacities. At this time we are not sure what all SandForce has on the horizon, but it appears that Mushkin is positioning themselves to play a leading role in this market." 

Said Chris Ramseyer at

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"With Mushkin’s excellent attention to customer service, killer drive performance, and an outstanding price tag that beats all competitors, we think the Callisto 120GB is a top pick if you’re in the market for a new hotrod SSD." 

Said Jake at

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"I trust that when Mushkin brings something to market it will be something to be excited about. Heck even months later I am impressed with the Callisto Deluxe’s performance, as they introduce there SATA 3 Chronos. I would still recommend picking one up as long as the price is right." 

Said Wes at

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"If you want a SandForce SF-1200 series controller in your SSD with the 13% over-provisioning firmware that also has the cap on small file writes for better durability then the Mushkin Castillo series is a great choice!"

Said Nathan Kirsch at

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"For high-performance enthusiasts and hardcore gamers, the Mushkin Callisto Deluxe offers blazing fast transfer speed and excellent operational performance at a fair price." 

Said Olin Coles at

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"All in all, we believe Mushkin has hit a home run with their all new Callisto Deluxe line. While we have found the current SSD market to be quite repetitive of late, releasing a competitive drive at an excellent price point is bound to make people stand up and take notice. Mushkin’s highly regarded warranty support is just the icing on an already appealing cake." 

Said AkG at

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"Mushkin continues to bring "Enhanced" products to the market and the Callisto Deluxe is a fine example of this. You get great performance for a very competitive price." 

Said Ccokeman at

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" While the Mushkin wasn't the fastest kid in class in terms of read performance, it often proved it's Write performance to be very competitive. To us, the product appears well rounded and without doubt, a worthy upgrade from just about any single Hard Disk Drive. Excellent work Mushkin." 

Said Milind Chidrawar at

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